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FDNY Squad 18

FDNY Squad 18

September 2019

14 responses to “FDNY Squad 18”

  1. It reminds me of the old firetruck toy my brother had when we were kids. On that note though I think firemen are not getting enough credit. They are heroes, Risking their lives for others. Good thing NY sees that.

  2. This is an amazing firetruck. Looks like the same as what my son is aying with. I mean his toy is like a replica for this real one.

  3. This is a well shot photo captured from a distanced position I believe, that’s why everything could be captured into this one photo. This looks natural.

  4. When talking about mighty structure, this building is to be used as a case study. I love that FDNY SQUAD 18 firetrucks. Thanks for this post.

  5. This is like a done deal, the photography work is just on point. Very neat and clean photo and it shows this was done by a professional.

  6. What a colorfull picture, it looks very clear and I like the building in the background contrasting with the red fire truck.

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