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Fern Leaf


October 2016

12 responses to “Fern Leaf”

  1. I am always fascinated by ferns. Their method of germination is quite unique. I am also astonished how realistic this photo is.

  2. I love the pedals on this plant. It has a very dignified look to it. Thanks for the wonderful photo.

  3. What a beautiful fern, the most important thing is to know that not only does that kind of fern exist in the world, there is much more diversity, and that is the most beautiful thing we can have in the universe.

  4. It needs hue he he. Seriously though these are everywhere. That is a good thing for it means a healthy Earth. great shot!!!

  5. I like the fern leaf when it comes to using it for decoration. I make use of it when I want to arrange flowers, I use it as my base.

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