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Ferris Wheel

July 2018

15 responses to “Ferris Wheel”

  1. We always had this on special occasions. Now that it is the start of the holidays at least on my part of the globe. I will not be surprise to see one of these on the plaza. Being rode by many people.

  2. This reminds me of the casino games,where you roll the wheel to win. This shot was just so beautiful and neat.

  3. My first experience at the amusement park was a bit scary but later turned fun as the Ferris wheel was going up and down. I love the blue background of this picture. Thanks for this post TOM.

  4. Nothing like riding a ferris wheel on a clear sky day. I like the colour scheme and the angle of the shot.

  5. I always have fun when I visit the amazement park, I love all the atractions but th Ferris Wheel is one of my favorites.

  6. I love roller coasters but I am not a fan of Ferris wheel. I feel so afraid and nervous whenever I am in a Ferris wheel.

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