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Field Of Sunflowers

Field Of Sunflowers 1 of 3

Field Of Sunflowers 2 of 3

Field Of Sunflowers 3 of 3

August 2009

13 responses to “Field Of Sunflowers”

  1. Nice flower shots. You really made me remember something confidential to me. Thanks for the post.

  2. In this photo you feel a natural air especially that which transmits sunflowers, they transmit me sweetness and tranquility.

  3. This is very colorful at the very least. I am no flower guy but I can appreciate beauty in growth and life. Looking forward for more. Roses would be a good addition.

  4. The yellow color is one of its main attractions, which is quite a lot of fans. So unique, because this flower is known to grow toward the sun. 🙂

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