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September 2017

12 responses to “Filicology”

  1. Yeah, the black and white edit is giving this photo the needed right effects. This looks awesomely nice

  2. The fern looks surreal. I just the fact that this photo was taken during night time. The lighting and effects makes this photo quite unique.

  3. Very artistic fern picture, you have a great eye for taking good pictures and I love when you use black and white effects.

  4. My mother loves plants that are leafy like ferns, and that plant reminds me of my home garden.

  5. The detail of this fern in black and white is simply amazing. This really could be put in a photo book or a coffee book about ferns.

  6. What is that? The science or study of ferns? Never the least a very good yet interesting followup to your previous post. Filicology huh? Better look that up.

  7. Lovely background this has got. This looks like a for because of it’s opening branches. It was well captured.

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