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Flowers After The Rain

Flowers After The Rain

April 2019


21 responses to “Flowers After The Rain”

    • I just love the photographs you took. Indeed flowers after the rain are perfect. Flowers just like took a bath and blooms.

  1. Wow! These are the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. The way you captured them and the white color is out of this world.

  2. This one wins the title! The definition is insanely good and personifies the flowers in a special way. They come off as resilient and beautiful after surviving heavy rainfall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Surely I really like this picture, it’s very beautiful. So comfortable when viewing it, perfect in shooting. The title is very representative of this picture.

  4. Beautiful picture. For me, the picture depicts that there’s a new beginning after the rain or after every end. Surely something good will come out of it.

  5. Wow this looks like a flower that bloomed after the rain. The symbolism in this is strong and I see life being this way too.

  6. Flowers will always blossom after the rain. This white is the truth it looks very beautiful and well nurtured by nature.

  7. My orchids are in bloom now and I am so happy. There’s something about flowers that makes us happy. Great picture!

  8. You captured the flower perfectly. You timed after the showers, flowers do look great after rains and more open afterwards; although they tend to open slowly during the rainy season.

  9. I always love looking at flowers after the rain myself for precisely this reason. The drops they have on their petals and how they retain them it’s just phenomenal and amazing to me.

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