Forgotten Memories


14 thoughts on “Forgotten Memories

  1. Truly memories here would have been forgotten. Abandoned and forgotten totally. lovely and detailed output

  2. This is really a forgotten place and it might be difficult to renovate this place. But it still a great photo

  3. An old messy and left room. I can see a lot of memories here maybe a quarrel before it was abandoned.

  4. The room could be filled with those old memories now old and forgotten. The owner of that building could have had a lot of memories, both good and bad, in that place. The chaos in the picture perfectly captures all that, and possibly even more.

  5. I feel like this is the theme in a lot of your photos; what once was. There’s definitely a haunted, somber feel to this picture, exemplified by the black and white and the wrecked tone.

  6. Forgotten memories of what? In any case, we all have memories that either we wanna forget or forget via illness. This is not a good locking room at that.

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