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Forgotten Woodstove (Edit)

April 2011

31 responses to “Forgotten Woodstove (Edit)”

  1. This is ancient technology but it paved the way for modern ones. It is still used in far flung areas though. At least as my country is concerned. It is rare but still relevant.

  2. Yes, it’s best to leave it alone to remain forgotten. I don’t think anyone will want to use this anymore.

  3. Well, it’s been forgotten that nobody will ever use it again. And this place looks really bad!

  4. This woodstove looks like it survived some kind of natural disaster. It still holds its ground though!

  5. We have this what we called dirty kitchen in our house. A small part wherein we can use charcoal or wood for cooking.

  6. I think that this stove does not look so bad, it can be arranged to put it to good use in a country cabin.

  7. Sometimes it’s hard to look at things that had been left forgotten and left to be ravaged by time. It would really remind you that nothing really lasts forever, even as something as well built and sturdy as a wood stove which could have made many hundred meals in its service.

  8. I have never seen a wooden stove before, it’s a pity this has been damaged badly. Lovely picture and I wish I had a clearer view.

  9. I wonder what brought the loss of memory here. All the same the edited looks better because I can bet that original photo is not nice looking

  10. Whaooo, you just brought me back to the old school days. Though we made use of iron stove and not wooden stove.

  11. I hope someone will restore such beauty. I am pretty sure this stove can be sold at a high value.

  12. I can only imagine how old this wooden stove is. But from the look of it it’s a couple of years.

  13. There’s so much history hidden in this wooden stove. I hope someone will renovate it and restore it’s beauty.

  14. Wow, I can’t believe how devastated the kitchen looks. There must have been a huge fire here.

  15. The fact that the stove was wooden didn’t help matters. Wood has a great affinity for fire.

  16. With this much damage, the house may fall down at any moment. I wouldn’t stay inside it for too long.

  17. It is always a delight to see the world through your lens. Thanks a lot for always sharing your work.

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