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June 2019

12 responses to “FOWNES”

  1. Is it a school building or an industrial building. You can’t really know from the picture.

  2. The sky is so blue! It really contrasts with the building, where it looks so gloomy and desolate. It’s kind of jarring in a way.

  3. The building looks like an abandoned building.. It needs some repair..nice shot

  4. The sky is so beautiful over this building. The building is okay to me. I believe it housed some offices.

  5. The building looks cute with a clear blue sky above it. The building as the subject is very amazing.

  6. Looks like a company that doesn’t mess around. Great scenic view with the sky and the trees.

  7. I know this must be an abadoned working company. I see to see abandoned ones like this in my locality. Nice shot too.

  8. it looks like an abandoned building, I’m wondering what they used to make inside, it makes me thing they were creating a prodcut, maybe shoes.

  9. I wish I can go there and explore the whole building. Old buildings are just beautiful to me. Thanks for sharing!

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