September 2018

19 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. I love these bright colors. What a very beautiful flowers. you too a good shot of that.Will love to have that in my home

  2. I love colour purple.. its my best colour.. I guess I’m a purple nutcase..this is a nice photograph

  3. This color is magical, this is one of my favorite pictures and I love that you took the picture close.

  4. This flower for me symbolizes innocence. It looks very pretty. I wish to habe one in our backyard.

  5. This looks so amazing and lovely. You did well capturing this shade of flowers. I really admire this.

  6. Yes flowers are fragile. That is why as my boyfriend use to say do not pick one if you wont take care of it. The same philosophy he applies on me he he.

  7. What a lovely flower it is. You did it justice by taking the best shot and bringing its beauty out so well.

  8. The flowers seem fragile i agree but to me they seem more majestic and brilliant. Am not a florist but i really love flowers but am more of a rose kinda guy. Awesome picture though.

  9. I am a worker at a local flower farm . It really looks beautiful to have such beauty surrounding you.

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