• Wilson Jake

    Frames broken and the pictures taken. Abandoned room and will take real work to put back together. Nice shoot

  • Sabafr

    I can only say that the wooden frames that used to be used in beautiful paintings have been forgotten in that room, they just need a touch up and they will look like new.

  • Prince

    Frames bring beauty to photographic work. But this isnt to this effect, forgotten and abandoned in a dirty place. Detailed output guy

  • Danielle M

    Wow, the place looks very nasty, I’m not sure that it’s safe to be inside cause of the green stuff in the floor. it could be toxic for the respirotary human system.

  • Glad

    I can see some frames on the floor, but are they supposed to be used in this room? The place looks untidy, and what is that green colour on the floor?

  • Alex

    More like abandoned if you ask me. Yes those were frames but now they are broken so yeah. What is this housing? photos? paintings? Either way this is a wreck. Good shot though.

  • AlejaLotus

    I like to think of this picture as how the hotel was in his good state and how is today. Its a reflection of the decadency of society and the abandon of something pretty and useful in the past.

  • Melinda

    It’s amazing that after all this time the room is still in good shape. The wood used in it’s construction must have been of great quality.

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