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Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream

September 2019

14 responses to “Free Ice Cream”

  1. This reminded me of those days I used to have sweet tooth and ice cream can never pass me by. This is a beautiful shot.

  2. Free ice cream is really great in my book. Wish I could own one and drive around giving free ice cream for everyone too. Ice cream really makes anyone happy, and I want to spread that cheer around.

  3. I’m not really a sugar loving person, so I don’t really love ice cream even when it is free but this photo is really refreshing.

  4. Nobody would dare go for the ice cream because of it location. It also appears as if, it’s put there to beautify the van. Nice shot

  5. Yummy yummy yummy, I am salivating already here. I am a lover of ice creams. Miss and clean photograph. Thanks for this Post.

  6. I do not see a lot of Ice cream trucks where I am from. Carts yes but not trucks. That said a free ice cream is always welcome. On a hot day it is very refreshing.

  7. I like how this truck has been modified for the sole purpose of selling ice cream. Very impressive I must say!

  8. The ice cream statue atop the vehicle is very innovative. One immediately knows what the truck is selling upon seeing it.

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