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22 responses to “Freedom”

  1. Abiding to the laws of nature is definitely key. This message is very moral and patriotic.

  2. This is a letter to the authorities for freedom. Nice design of the US flag, beautiful view of the blue sky. The upper part of the building looks more cool

  3. I am truly amazed by this action. I don’t think I can do something like this here, Salute!

  4. Those are words of a revolution! Very relevant seeing what’s going on in the world right now.

  5. I like how the old building is right next to the newer building. Such striking contrast.

  6. I can’t make out the words on the banner. However by the looks of it they seem to convey a message of freedom.

  7. I like the look of these apartment blocks. The one in the blackground seems to be very well designed

  8. Wow, this is a big courageous actions; not everyone could do that. Lovely flag, shows the identity of the writer and freedom is sweet. Veryone deserves Freedom

  9. The gritty feel of this shot is very impressive. The urban essence is very well captured here.

  10. These tall buildings remind me of my fear of heights. The one in the background is particularly very tall.

  11. The banner is the US flag with some writing on it. That’s very symbolic of freedom. I wish I could read what’s written on it.

  12. I beg to disagree . For one everything has a price. Perhaps not money wise but it should be earned. Otherwise we will not know the value of it. That includes freedom.

  13. Sometimes abiding by the law of nature is frightening. It is sometimes twisted by the people who believe in it wholeheartedly and leave others in a lot of pain. We must always be reminded that this should not always be the case, and that we should more often than not abide by the law made by people who have studied it fr a very long time.

  14. We were all born free and so therefore freedom is a right, this should be freely given except when you have been an offender of the law. But where this is not the case we are all declared free.

  15. Yesterday we celebrated our independence day in the Philippines. One of the best feeling ever to have freedom.

  16. Being independent feels good. I applaud those people who strive to give our independence.

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