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Frog Of The Forest


October 2016

20 responses to “Frog Of The Forest”

  1. Hmmm, sorry before … I always feel amused and disgusted when I see frogs or frog images. I always imagine that their bodies are slippery and maybe slimy. ๐Ÿ™

  2. This is a nice picture.. I have this obvious distaste for frogs though but I love the colour of this one

    • I don’t really frogs because there are not worth our time here but I like it in this photo. You capture it well.

  3. How did you capture the frog? If it were me, it wouldn’t be there. It could have jumped feet away from me.

  4. That is an insanely unique frog. The skin pattern has ferocious appeal for this photograph.

  5. I said it before I say it again I hate frogs. If they are in a good distance from me its okay but up close I cannot stand them. Just being honest.

  6. It’s really amazing how frog mimics with their environment. Here in our place, I’ve seen frogs that has a color of a dried branch of a tree. So fascinating.

  7. It must have taken a lot of care not to frighten the frog away when taking this photo. I’m very impressed.

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