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Funny Day

Funny Day


15 responses to “Funny Day”

  1. Interesting message to leave. Pretty subjective. A funny day could mean countless things depending on the person. Love the ambiguity.

  2. This is vandalism lol. Is there a continuation? I cannot help but think that this is part of a longer message? Who is it for though???

  3. Funny days are always days I love most in life. The joy of every man is to be happy and joyous. Nicely written text on pillar and well captured.

  4. I have been in a lot of funny situations, both good kind of funny and bad. The interpretation of that lone graffiti on the wall very well depends on what kind of funny it is today for any person reading it.

  5. Somebody left a funny message on the wall, where everyone can see it. I also love to look the good side of life.

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