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Garden Snake

Garden Snake

March 2020

25 responses to “Garden Snake”

  1. We usually ses this onenin our backyard. It’s a bit dangerous too because there are kids at home.

  2. This snake look just like the surrounding, making it difficult to sight. Snakes like this are poisonous and dangerous, we should always keep our surroundings clean

  3. Garden snakes are always available at our backyard especially we that have large gardens. I grow to know a plant that drives this snakes away.

  4. I hate snake or any crawling animal I can’t just stand them especially this one with this skin like a python. This creatures are just weird.

  5. all snakes are scary. that is it! I may be afraid of snakes but i know how to appreciate every living creature in our world.

  6. I’ve overcome my fear of snakes when my bestfriend has a pet snake and he always let me carry that snake. We just need to be gentle in carrying and touching them.

  7. Snake is a one scary animal to me. I can’t just relate at all with them. How did you capture this

  8. Amazing picture, it’s very strange to get a picture of a snake this close, cause they are dangerous.

  9. My worst nightmare is meeting a snake like this in my backyard. That would be so scary.

  10. The pattern on the skin’s body looks beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having this as a pet.

  11. It’s difficult to believe some people actually keep snakes as pets. Those are some brave folks.

  12. This is beautiful as it is dangerous. For one, these snakes can blend themselves to their environment. Meaning one wrong step and anyone could die. This is very brave of you considering the subject.

  13. This subject is so dangerous. Where did you get the courage to capture this dangerous snake. Be extra careful when capturing dangerous subject esp snakes.

  14. Garden snake or not, a snake is a snake and are as dangerous as the ones found in the woods, I don’t like them.

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