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October 2015

17 responses to “Gelicide”

  1. This is a beautiful photo. The color combination in this photo just give it the needed life. its a lovable sight.

  2. Their is only one word I can use to describe your photo…Alluring..keep the good work up

  3. I’ve jut learnt a new concept today. It’s something I enjoy doing every time I come back to your blog. There is always something new to learn.

  4. Quite a unique discription for your photo. This type you don’t see everywhere. That’s why I love to see your photos.

  5. The way you have captured the sunset brings out this photo very well. It creates a certain kind of mystery that goes along with the tittle itself.

  6. The sun looks beautiful striking through the plantation. The atmosphere there is awesome too.

  7. Those are some really healthy plants. That’s all thankls to the beautiful sunlight they get.

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