July 2007

13 thoughts on “Get Your Ducks In Order (Old School Edit)

  1. To me, their not been in order makes this picture great. And it’s just a matter of time, they will get in line. Nice close shoot.

    1. This picture is really nice. I dont know how they do it, but, Ducks do really have a way of being orderly.

  2. Some people like pictures with animal objects, don’t know why :). Some even deliberately look for pictures like this because they think they are funny and adorable. lol

  3. Great pic! I love the ripples in the water. There’s definitely a sense of family and camaraderie with these ducks the way they stay together in line.

  4. Ducks are always together, so clean and cute. Will love to had the kid as pet but the grown up, they dont fascinate me.

  5. Wow at first It does not look like a ducks unless you look a bit closer. A perfect optical illusion I suppose. Good job!!!

  6. Ducks have more discipline staying in an almost straight line swimming across the water surface than most humans I know here when it comes to lining up for riding a bus or a train. Was it tough getting this clear and precise shot?

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