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Ghost In The Woods

April 2007

23 responses to “Ghost In The Woods”

  1. The white background is so familiar like what I have witness in my locality. it gives a nostagic memory here.

  2. Thanks that there is no ghost at least not yet. Seriously though I would not be surprise if someone or something pops up later. These types of places are creepy. Especially come nightfall.

  3. The title alone will give one the scare. I hate ghost and it’s stories so will never want to experience having a ghost in the wood.

  4. Wow, the color of the snow makes an illusion that a ghost can be seen at the back. Motivated perception is the word for that, we choose what we want to see.

  5. I needed to zoom the images in this picture looking for the ghost. As funny as it could sound, I still see no ghost.

  6. The effect used made it like a ghost scene in movies but no physical ghost here. You scared me a little man.

  7. That shot looks eerily creepy. Like something is about to scare me. Anyways, love the shot and the caption for the picture.

  8. There are ghosts everywhere but nature itself has its own ghosts, and that is a taboo that has been used since other times, not only today.

  9. You are brave to have taken the shot. I don’t think I would have stood there for more than a few seconds!

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