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January 2020

24 responses to “Glasslab”

  1. Now this is fantastic, lovely concept. I am sure this lab grows fresh indoor flowers. Nice piece Thomas

  2. This place is nice to have some sunlight through the glass panes. You do not need extra light, at least, during the day time. This a lovely concept.

  3. The glasslab really a good showcase medium. People easy see through and know whatsup inside. Lovely piece Thomas

  4. This is a beautiful glassslab..I wish to live in a glass house one day..the maintainance aspect is what discourages me..nice picture

  5. This is a cool environment for a laboratory. Your photography work is so neat and clear Tom.

  6. Black and white filter makes it more awesome to look at. This is an amazing work of photography.

  7. This is why people go for a glasslab, even with dark place, one can still see through because what use is a glass. Good one Tom.

  8. The choice is the title is smart. The place is covered with glass and inside it does indeed look like a sort of lab for plants.

  9. The place looks very comfortable, I think the glass on the wall helps to visualize what we want to express. Good ideas.

  10. I wonder what the guy in the bike is looking through the glass window. The image has great contrasts that are quite similar to what we have in real life. Makes you wonder whether you are in the light, in the dark, or somewhere in between.

  11. This looks like an orchard than a lab. nice take though depending on the goal a lab can grow something good or go the creepy route. I would have love to see some lb tech, It just conveys the message more.

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