June 2017

15 thoughts on “Go Outboard

  1. Looks like stores where damaged boat motors are kept. Looks creepy. Lightening is perfect, lovely output

  2. I am not sure what these things are or what they are for. But the picture looks great though.

  3. This looks like the engine used in our locally made water boat called ferry here. I love the picture quality.

  4. These are boat engines, I wonder why they are stacked there. Whoever has them should put them to good use.

  5. I am not sure what I am looking at? A pile of cases? Toy? Submarine? Never the less if anything this is neat and colorful to look at. The question is what outboard means? lol.

  6. I think I’ve caught your little joke (presumably), Tom.

    According to a quick explanation from a Google search, one meaning of the word “outboard” is “on, towards, or near the outside of a ship or aircraft.”

    In other words, these engines are supposed to belong OUTSIDE of the place that they are currently in.

    However, given the possibility that these outboard motors are either spoilt or in need of massive repair, there’s a high chance that they WON’T be seeing the light of day.

    A pity for them. They probably used to enjoy the great outdoors.

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