12 thoughts on “Going Down Now

  1. An exploration of an old building. Tom, this view is cool and it reminds me of one of the buildings which I had once lived. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture with us

  2. It seem truly it will go down soon. I like how you present your photo even if you an old object just like this one.

  3. A stairway hopefully to heaven lol. Seriously though, where does it lead to? Basement? Attic? It looks scary to me.

  4. This house will soon be in ruins because it looks as if it is going to give way soon. The light reflection gives it an average view though.

  5. Wpw the place doesn’t look safe, I would be literaly going down as fast as I could just in case that the place fall down.

  6. The building looks abandoned or probably they working on it. So walking down or up the stairs need one to be very carefully. Thanks for this clean and clear picture Tom.

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