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Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

August 2019

20 responses to “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”

  1. I have got the blues from sighting this photo. I like the angle of the shot. It was thoughtful of you to capture this for your user’s viewing pleasure.

  2. What a great and perfect view shot. I got the blues from my own perspective of view of your shot TOM. Thanks for this photography.

  3. I don’t know what this looks like a kitchen.. It also looks like a bar..great shot

  4. This is a pretty bluesy kitchen/bar. It could really use refurbishment and a better colour scheme.

  5. A little bit of refurbishment would make this place look as good as new. It still has some life in it!

  6. Another photo shot by a professional, it did a perfectly good job taking a shot of this. Nice photo

  7. An old counter thar can still be beautified. This one just needs a little bit of cleaning.

  8. I do not get the metaphor ha ha. Who is Charlie? Anyway, Nice kitchen it needs a bit of work though. I am not a fan of a colored perspective. Although it is not that vivid but I still do not like it. It feels that I am using 3D glasses.

  9. This must have been a great bar in its earlier days. Too bad it looks like it is no longer operational.

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