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Goose (Edit)

Goose (Edit)

May 2007

23 responses to “Goose (Edit)”

  1. Oh wow, this picture shows every detail f the goose. I love the perfect balance of colors, shadows and lights

  2. Wow I never knew a goose would look this good. This speaks so much volume of the photographer skills. Very sensational job!!!

  3. The fact that this is a living animal makes the picture more perfect. I really like the way the picture was taken, it gives justice to the subject.

  4. This Goose really posted for this picture, that’s fantastic. If this is real life, I might be little afraid for this creature

  5. I like the color of this goose. it looks so unique. You did a good job of capturing this photo. Nice one

  6. The photo of the goose spells out the nature of its beauty. The goose looks like a duck, the shape of its head, beak and the color of the hair.

  7. Now that’s a good-looking goose! It looks like it’s got lots of inner-wisdom. Hope this goose’s modelling career takes off!

  8. My mom told me horror stories of a goose chasing her when she was a little girl. It’s hard to imagine how something that looks so innocent can be a homing missile of dread and death when you get it riled up enough.

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