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22 responses to “Goose”

  1. This photo of a goose is so beautiful. I just love the color blend even with the environment. This is really awesome.

  2. The goose is beautiful and he knows it. As if he is posing for the shot and having animals as a subject is hard. After all if you miss a certain angle you cannot take it back. The amount of patience is astounding.

  3. Lovely Tom, I love how beautiful this turn out to be. Just the right timing and if the goose is posting for a shoot

  4. It is a bird with magnificent feathers and an elegant neck, I really like to see them when they swim in the lakes.

  5. This geese is so beautiful. It is as if it knows it is being photographed and it posed properly for the shot.

  6. What a stoic goose! I love how close we are in this shot so we can take in all of its natural beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Unlike your rather handsome-looking Canadian goose here, the Chinese geese are a common sight over in Malaysia. They’re just as territorial as their Canadian cousins, but they also have a basal knob above their bills. My Dad used to keep a number of those many years ago, before he sold them, along with his chickens and turkeys, and moved to a different state.

    Still, compared against dogs, getting pecked by geese isn’t as bad as getting bitten by dogs. Great photo, by the way.

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