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Got A Great View

Got A Great View

October 2019

14 responses to “Got A Great View”

  1. Awesome, Wow, Amazing, Gods gift, interesting, BEAUTIFUL. Sun rise from the best view. Thanks for this.

  2. Every single thing about this shot is amazing. The sun, the trees, the hills, the sky – all look amazing!

  3. This is an understatement. Seeing a sunrise/sunset is always an amazing sight. This scenery is very majestic at the very least. Good shot.

  4. Praise the wonderful sun! It’s always so breathtaking seeing the sun, especially during sunrise or sunset. It really makes me feel grateful to be alive just to witness it.

  5. Whaooo…. This is a very neat and cool photograph. The picture is what am gonna download and use as my device wallpaper now. This is a unique photograph from you Mr. Tom. Thanks man for this post.

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