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Grassy Fields

Grassy Fields


23 responses to “Grassy Fields”

  1. This place looks reserved for a special purpose. I think it will be good as an isolation center for covid19 virus.

  2. This place is indeed isolated or maybe abandoned. I am thinking that this place might have been a warehouse for crops or vegetables.

  3. Probably an old and abandoned rice mill and warehouse for vegies. I hope it is still in use tho.

  4. Wow, what a grassy field, looks like a rice farm. This must have been a very good camera with this perfect distance picture. Lovely effect

  5. It looks like a very big barn. I always wish to own something like this even if it’s a small one.

  6. All I see is barns of different sizes for different purposes, with an abandoned rice field. Lovely distance picture, good angle of capture

  7. This spot is without a doubt disconnected or perhaps deserted. I am imagining that this spot may have been a stockroom for harvests or vegetables.

  8. Wow! Imagining myself standing there with fresh air blowing my hair. Love the feeling, peaceful.

  9. In my childhood I lived in a place very similar to that. I really miss the feeling of being one with nature. Thanks for that photo you just relived old memories of my past.

  10. The black and white is perfect for the photo. It shows the real essence of the countryside.

  11. The entire place looks rather isolated. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one lives there.

  12. This shot takes me back to when I used to live in the farms. Those are such fond memories.

  13. I honestly wouldn’t mind living in such a place. I could use the peace in my life.

  14. It was quite a sunny day when this photo was taken. Luckily the excess sunlight didn’t affect the photo.

  15. This would make prime farming land. I feel like it’s not being used as well as it should be.

  16. It is a grassy field It looks peaceful but sad as well as it lacks hue. This is pretty much a dull shot to me sorry. The subject needs color for it to pop. Not like this. It looks empty more than it already is.

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