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15 responses to “Gravitate”

  1. Wicked shot!! The angling’s great. I feel like it would spook someone afraid of heights. Very ambitious!

  2. Amazing shot you got there! The thing is how did you get the shot? It seems that the angling is quite difficult.

  3. This seems like from an ambitious project that is not yet finished. This is a bit to scary for me. For someone afraid of heights that is.

  4. This looks more like an artistic work than a photo. You shot this so right and it looks great.

  5. I have always been afraid of heights. It’s very scary. The picture is saying something though more than just a mere photo.

  6. Can one actually climb this without falling. I don’t joke with height because if one falls it might not be funny.

  7. What is this?..I have no idea what you captured in this photograph…nice picture

  8. I would not like to think how you managed to make a perfect shot like that. Heights terrify me, and I guess I really wouldn’t make a good photographer then lol.

  9. I like this picture, is always good to see the things form a different angle.

  10. We live in a world where either we are going backward, in one place or gravitating up. I want to gravitate towards something better. Great shot.

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