July 2018

19 thoughts on “Grunge Meter

  1. Though this grunge meter is damaged, its still seems to perform its purpose. At least you can see what it is.

  2. It took the eyes of an expert to notice this grunge meter where it was hidden. Great work of an artist.

  3. I wonder how you were able to spot this forgotten piece of grunge meter. It shows your level of keenness.

  4. Despite looking like it’s headed straight to garbage dump city, it still looks like it has some life left in it yet. The passage of time hasn’t beaten it so far.

  5. Old grunge meter, this meter has seen better days but still good enough for a recognition. Just remember seeing an old one like this some years back.

  6. Really damaged meter. I wonder if it can ever be use again. The level of damage looks beyond repairs.

  7. I wonder what type of meter this is..its totally destroyed..reminds me of the metres we used during practicals in secondary school

  8. Wow, look at all that decay. I wonder if it’s still functional. Great close up shot and expert definition. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nostalgic, this piece has lived better moments but still working. its not ready to go to the garbage.

  10. This is definitely some type of measuring device. I just can’t figure out what it is supposed to measure.

  11. What’s the cause of all that rust at the base of the instrument? I sure hope it still works.

  12. This page has a very professional design. That means a lot regarding your work quality. Good job!

  13. This is very old and rusty by simply looking at it. Someone might have lost it somewhere.

  14. A meter measuring what??? Water pressure? Anyway, another one of your old school subjects huh???

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