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Hanging By A Moment

May 2018

12 responses to “Hanging By A Moment”

  1. This kind of looks like a torture chamber. I like that a lot of your photos are open to interpretation. I’m sure with this one you’d get a lot of varied responses and reactions from different viewers.

  2. The message contained in most of your post are always unimaginable. The room looks unkept, I can’t really figure out what it might even be used for. Nice photo in the dark room. Thanks for this post.

  3. I recall a song by Lifehouse with that same title. I guess its lyrics echo similarities with the desperation the photo seems to radiate, what with the run down room, but the splash of light into it giving it a renewed sense of hope.

  4. I’m imagining a person sitting in that chair and looking outside the window. Your photos always make feel nostalgic.

  5. Quite eerie looking and atmosphere helps it look like that. I wonder what you feel when you take these photos? Seems really wonderful to take a photo like this.

  6. I see a spectacular thing in this photo. I hope it isn’t just something in my head though. You have a nice shot.

  7. It looks as if the upper part of the house will soon give way. You still shot it to give a definite message. This situation needs to be arrested soon.

  8. Hanging to what exactly? Anyway, If you are referring to the structure then yes. It looks like it is on its last legs. The dark atmosphere does not help either.

  9. The structure in this picture looks like what is going to collapse soon. Hereby giving way for the caption.

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