December 2011


10 thoughts on “Hanging Stars

  1. This photo looks so sassy like the stars are everywhere and trying to block every other things. This is a creative shot.

  2. Great photo on the stars. Always aim for the stars, this photo gives me a clear vision of what this saying means.

  3. I love shiny stars, it always reminds me of how I should live my life, ofcourse just like a shiny star. Nice photo

  4. It does look kind of like stars. Despite the black and white shot, you did a fantastic job. Thank you dear!

  5. A little color would not hurt for this one. I mean I always see stars as bright as possible let alone very colorful. The dark just does not work for me.

  6. Reminds me of the song we used to sing as kids “twinkle,twinkle little stars”.. Good shot..though in black and white but its great…

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