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Hard Rain

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21 responses to “Hard Rain”

  1. They way you focused on this house and the surrounding area is simply amazing. Makes it look so cute.

  2. Nice shot here with a good amount of light to keep it illuminated. I always love all your shots.

    • You didn’t capture the rain…the house is abandoned..a little repair can make it beautiful again..I love living in the woods though..good shot

  3. A house left under the mercy of the elements would end up looking so beaten up like that, but the house in your photo still looks a bit sturdy. I can see myself retiring to this cozy house in the woods once I have the time and money to tidy it up a bit and make it my weekend getaway.

  4. Its a lovely shot. A single house in the middle of trees, highlighted very well. I wonder who used to live here.

  5. Could this be during winter,the tree have all withered. The houses looks too old to me to accommodate people. All the same it a nice photo.

  6. I’m wondering why this house was left behind. It still looks goon and can be repaired.

  7. It’s sad that this pretty house is abandoned. It can totally be restored to its former glory.

  8. Whoever used to live in this house must have been really brave. It’s smack in the middle of nowhere!

  9. An abandoned house in the middle of the woods. I hope they will restore it.

  10. It’s so scary to live in the middle of the woods especially when it’s raining. Great picture as usual!

  11. Where is the rain???It looks like a bright sunny day to me. However, it must be a metaphor after withstanding a bad day in life???

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