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Has anyone (besides yourself) ever read your journal, either with or without your permission?

Has anyone (besides yourself) ever read your journal, either with or without your permission?

26 responses to “Has anyone (besides yourself) ever read your journal, either with or without your permission?”

  1. This is one thing that happens to me most times. People loves reading my journals so either am there or not they will read it. Either with my consent of not.

  2. I have yet to share my personal journal entries with any onlookers. I’m sure some some of them would not surprise while others would leave them breathless. I think you learn a lot about yourself through writing and self reflection. I feel that after a close one has passed on would be an ideal time for others to observe to get a more intimate look on the individual.

  3. My close friends have read it, of course with my permission. Because I definitely won’t allow anyone to read my journal especially without my permission. But I also don’t know if someone has secretly read my journal without permission, it’s just that I’m sure no one has yet.

  4. Normally NO!!! Especially if the thing written in there is a major info he he. In most cases though I do not mind because I do not leave my secrets on the open anyway. In a general sense Yes but beyond that I rarely allow it.

  5. No, not even my wife. I told her that the journal is for my own keepsake. She may read it once i pass away. She did not agree at first but eventually she understood that my journal is of private property.

  6. Wow, it’s amazing how I see people here all have their own journals. Personally, no one can read my journal even with my permission. Why? It’s because I don’t have one “lol” and I’ve never even tried to write a personal journal in my life. Sorry…

  7. Nope I don’t allow that especially if I have on them so secrete I don’t want to let out yet. I also take permission to read others too.

  8. Well, I use to keep a journal but not anymore. When I had one, no body had access to it except me bacause I considered it private.

  9. No, I have never experienced that. The people around me respects each other and respects our privacy too.

  10. Yes, this has happened to me before. I used to have a journal back in my college years. I forgot to keep it and just left it in my bed. My cousin has read it. She never mentioned it to me but I knew that she had read it. Since then I was very careful where to keep my journal.

  11. I won’t let anyone read my journal, if I ever got around to writing in one. I fear that my innermost thoughts will drive people further away from me. Even without speaking, I already made people go away. What more if they read my thoughts lol.

  12. Yes. Someone did that sometimes back. I didn’t like it at all. I felt like it was an intrusion into my private space.

  13. I do give out my journal to others every now and then. It helps me gauge how good my writing is.

  14. This question really got me thinking. I do need to start keeping a personal journal. I am ashamed not to have done so for so long.

  15. I would be devastated if this ever happened to me. I have some very personal stuff in my journal.

  16. My journal is saved with a password in my laptop. As such it’s very difficult for anyone other than myself to access it.

  17. It is for this very reason that I don’t keep a journal. If anyone accesses it all your secrets could be out.

  18. I am always careful to share my journal with the people I trust. Not just everyone gets to read it.

  19. The things I write in my journal are never too personal. That makes it easier to share it with people.

  20. Yes, my guy saw my YouTube video and called me to confirm if truly it was mine. Guys, he was supprised that I could do it.

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