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Here Stood My Dreaming Tree

Here Stood My Dreaming Tree

October 2019

15 responses to “Here Stood My Dreaming Tree”

  1. It looks like a clover if you look closely. Love the black and white contrast. IT really improved the photo.

  2. It’s a shame that this tree was cut down. It could have provided more years of lovely cool shade from the sun.

  3. The tree is really matured. We cut down trees todays without planning on how to plant back. Nice picture pal

  4. Everyone has a dream. Am sure your using this as your dream has real meaning. Nice photography work.

  5. I think the caption didn’t depicts the photo because the tree doesn’t look like a dream tree to me. But I like the shot.

  6. This is so sad that it needs to be cut. I just hope that they planted another one to replace it.

  7. This tree was probably decades old and it was brought down in less than a minute. Quite sad if you think about it.

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