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Here’s A Truck Stop Instead Of Saint Peter’s

Here's A Truck Stop Instead Of Saint Peter's

September 2019

10 responses to “Here’s A Truck Stop Instead Of Saint Peter’s”

  1. I am no trucker but my man and I always made stops to places like these. Not only does if fills our gas tank, we can eat here too. At least take some time off before going back on the road.

  2. Visions of a zombie apocalypse notwithstanding, this looks really well executed and even downright dramatic. It even looks like all the lights in the gas station are glowing that place up like spotlights would on a rock concert stage. I really, really seriously love this!

  3. You have a colorful photo here and very much appealing to the eyes.This is just the best way it should be.

  4. Amazing photo you just captured. It’s simple yet alluring at the same time. With just the truck stop lighting the whole place, it definitely focuses on the subject.

  5. Great picture, I like that you took it on n the nigth and the lights give it an effect of shadow. Like a station in the middle of the nothing.

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