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Hey Kid, Rock And Roll

Hey Kid, Rock And Roll

April 2019


10 responses to “Hey Kid, Rock And Roll”

  1. I remember my son’s first toy car. He is very fond playing it. Nice shot for this little toy car. It’s vibrant color comes out naturally.

  2. My son love strolling using a similar toy to this. This photo just made me remember how enjoyed those moments.

  3. I saw my brother having one of these before. How fast time flies we are all grown up now he he.

  4. I great toy for those kids who like to rock and roll since tender age. Its them who definitely become stars in the rock and roll world in the future,

  5. Wow, if you had a toy like this in the old days, you would gather a crowd. These days it’s normal to every kid.

  6. Memories my friends and I had this years back. Look back with nostalgia feelings. Long forgotten friends.

  7. The colors of this photograph are so bright, evoking the happy memories of the boy who must have played this toy. Vibrant and playful composition.

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