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Hiding Our Heads In A Shadow Of Home

Hiding Our Heads In A Shadow Of Home

March 2012

26 responses to “Hiding Our Heads In A Shadow Of Home”

  1. This place has been uninhabited for a long time, but locative repairs have not been made to use it soon.

  2. This is disastrous, what happened here, I doubt a sane person can hide his or her head here and feel safe. cool photo though

  3. This apartment is in a total mess. A complete shackle. The effect makes it really old and long abandoned

  4. This room maybe filled with much memoeries before. Needs to be repaired and it be a good place to live.

  5. This is definitely going to look beautiful with serious touches. Lovely piece guy, I see detailed output

  6. what is that thing in the middle of the picture. I looks like a damp mattress or a statue of some sort of animal. Picture quality is good though.

  7. Home is where the heart is, Homes is where stories of people in it begins. However, with this it is just a house and not a home. It is nothing more than a structure.

  8. It almost feels like an earthquake is happening outside and the residents are holding on for dear life. Thanks for the intense photo.

  9. The house itself looks like a shadow of what used to be a beautiful hihou in the past. But there is still hope of renovation.

  10. The grayscale effect creates a good nostalgic mood for the photo. This is very well done.

  11. I can tell this house has been abandoned for a long time. The state it is in says it all.

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