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Hiemal Landscape

Hiemal Landscape

February 2020

24 responses to “Hiemal Landscape”

  1. Nature can be seen in several planes, but this photo is beautiful, I love the icy places, nice photo.

  2. Monochrome at its finest. And to think that winter can be such a drab, Tom manages to inject life into an otherwise boring landscape. Great work!

  3. A good photo for me, looks clean and simple. I like the atmosphere with the white color of the snow and the trees make it special.

  4. White and black pictures always catch my fancy, well I dont know why! Lovely, simple but professional output. Thanks for this piece Thomas

  5. Wow, this picture caught my breath. Though it looks simple but it’s so perfect. You always dishing out the best. Love it always

  6. Wow.. I don’t know how to describe this..impressive shot tom..its really perfect.. the snow.. the trees..the black and white combination.. you are the best

  7. I bet it was freezing when you captured this photo. It’s all worth it as the end result is what I’d call a masterpiece.

  8. It almost looks like this tree is frowning from the cold weather. I love how you bring life to this pic with the black and white.

  9. In my country there is no snow what so ever. So I want to see this for real at least once. Maybe in the near future when I visit my relatives overseas. Creative title it takes me to the Himalayas to be honest.

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