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High Voltage

High Voltage

December 2019

22 responses to “High Voltage”

  1. This is a highly dangerous area for non personnels..anybody who doesn’t know jack about electricity has no business there..looking at the picture sends shivers down my spine….great picture

  2. Cool photo. I believe it is important to remind people of the dangers of certain environments to avoid risks.

  3. Anywhere you see DANGER, always stay off or be careful of such area. Nice post and picture man.

  4. If you have no knowledge of electricity, please dont near this area. Its danger area, ve warned.

  5. This danger zone should still be neater than this. I think a clean up is needed so that people can understand the importance of the area

  6. We should always be very careful around this area as always. Our life is so precious and we only have one.

  7. This looks very dangerous. I sure hope you don’t venture into places like these, even for a really good shot. It’s really awesome to get an awesome picture but it isn’t worth it if you would get terribly hurt and almost lose your life because of it. Not to say that anyone should stop pursuing doing things that they love, but should be mindful not to make reckless decisions.

  8. Oh no! This is a no go area. When it comes to a high voltage area only the professionals should attend to such.

  9. I remembered watching the movie Ants on a plane where all the ants hid from this area. Nice shot and more great photos to share.

  10. My father is an electrician, but I’m afraid of electric current and more when it comes to electrical panels or high voltage networks.

  11. At least there is a sign on it that says DANGER. In here a mere absence of a sign could mean DEATH. Besides id this plan even working? My guess is NOT.

  12. Anything high voltage is always scary to me, because anything can go wrong if one isn’t careful. Nice shot

  13. Such a place can be very dangerous, thank God danger has been indicated already. people needs to be careful.

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