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April 2020

13 responses to “Hiraeth”

  1. i like how you capture something from nature and a little something man made. this is a beautiful shot.

  2. This is sweet, I love the view of the sky. Even forgot an abandoned machinery is also in the picture. Lovely one guy

  3. I see the brightness of the sky indicating the goodness of the day. Nicely taken picture. Keep it up Tom.

  4. I’m sure winter just ended leaves not yet growing again. I just love the blue blue sky. Nice shot.

  5. I really love the view, especially the blue sky. The tree below seems dead. Amazing shot!

  6. A very blue sky. I wish the earth will heal itself and everything goes back to normal too.

  7. I like anything that comes with sky blue it is always lovely. The photo is unique with this color.

  8. Wow now this is what a good day looks like. Soothing and relaxing. Is this a painting or a photo? if it is a photo even more impressive. The vibrant colors says it all.

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