Holmes 600

January 2019


13 thoughts on “Holmes 600

  1. I would be wary if I see a vehicle like this, in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere, and very late at night. Is it abandoned? If it is, it looks like it was just abandoned without any reason. It’s not too shabby looking and it can probably still be repaired.

  2. It would be good if this truck was salvaged for scrap metal. It doesn’t seem to have use any more.

  3. I hope this has been left in the museum for younger generation to have a look. It been a very long while I saw a truck of this nature.

  4. A tow truck??? I have not seen any of these for years now. Reminds me of MATER from cars honestly.

  5. I do pass through my nearby garage and this is one of the kinds I see. They were very powerful vehicles.

  6. wow am really impressed because i can see the holmes 600 is on the road so i assume is functional. Although am not so sure if its road worthy.

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