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House Of Cards (Redux)

House Of Cards (Redux)

May 2019


13 responses to “House Of Cards (Redux)”

  1. It’s only a matter of time until this house falls into pieces. It’s not even safe being in it.

  2. Bees have really worked on the house. It’s one of the disadvantages of a wooden house.

  3. Termites and pest really did a number on this house huh? Just take this down. Just build a new one after.

  4. This isn’t a good sight, this house is badly damaged and it seems nothing is going to be done about it for a very long time.

  5. This house looks so nice on the outside one may even desire to come and live here. On the contrary the inside is totally damaged.

  6. This is a scruffy ,dingy room..very dirty and unkempt.. This type of picture grosses me out

  7. Is this place still useful because I can’t get with this picture. If it still useful then the user isn’t serious at all with it.

  8. This house of cards has been worked out thoroughly by time. With time, when wood is exposed to rain and termites this is what happens.

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