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House Of Cards

House Of Cards

May 2019


14 responses to “House Of Cards”

  1. This house of cards looks so lonely and isolated. I wonder who used to live here all alone. It would be amazing though to discover what is actually inside there.

  2. This house of cards will be an amazing house if it’s to be restored. But it seems so isolated. that you can’t see a neighboring house.

  3. That’s one dangerous house to be in. I wouldn’t want to be near it when it collapses.

  4. Whoever lives or used to live here must have been so brave. The house is so isolated.

  5. I sure hope this house isn’t abandoned. It looks good save for how dangerously it’s leaning.

  6. I think the small and fragile state of this house makes the dubbing perfect. I feel like a gust of wind could knock it down.

  7. Is it just me or this house is already tipping over. This should be taken down quickly. It is now a danger to the neighboring area. You will have a lot of firewood at least.

  8. This house will soon drop. occupants should be very careful and take precaution be it falls. nice photo

  9. House like this mostly harbour evil doers but I I like it if it’s structure is still strong and if there are no dangerous species

  10. It like this house depicts it’s name card house. It will soon come crumbling too like a badly arranged pack of card.

  11. This looks old…I don’t know why I love buildings like this. It may be because they are situated in the woods or because they are large buildings.. I love a quiet environment and buildings situated in those environments pique my interest

  12. Its amazing how this house of cards has so many windows. What would they all be used for when its just a small house?

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