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Hubcap Heaven

Hubcap Heaven
Middleburgh, New York, United States

March 2008

10 responses to “Hubcap Heaven”

  1. This advertising board is beautiful to watch. Its very attractive and will attract customers also and the board is also very tall.

  2. This is a rare sight. For one I do not know that these are a so called collectors Item. To each our own I guess. This is a head turner for sure based on how unique it is.

  3. Wow, lovely and attractive sign but please where is the tire stocked? I cant see
    Lovely concept man

  4. This is a massive sign, will definitely attract people. I love this and seriously it got my eyes but where is the stocked tires

  5. That color I’m sighting up there will be so beautiful if it is a sky.. The signpost have different words on it

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