Hula Hoop Crossing

The first time I saw a sign that had been modified with a sticker was while driving through Cooperstown New York. I can’t remember exactly where the sign was or were I was going at the time. To the best of my knowledge I figured that someone had just taken a magic marker and drawn the hula hoop over the pedestrian figure. Later on, when I saw the exact same hula hoop design on a different sign in a very different location, it occurred to me that it was probably a sticker.

Once I posted this to the web site, many of my readers sent in pictures of similar signs with similar decals in all areas of the country. Much to my surprise, nobody else knew what they were either. One reader actually sent me a picture of a sign with a hula hoop around a cow. It occurred to me then that this was not an isolated issue but more of a nationwide activity. Of course, I thought it was more of a prank; perhaps it was just a bunch of people who for one reason or another, took it upon themselves to order stickers, place them on signs and see if anybody would notice.

The theories were discussed on the web site for months at a time. Every so often, someone would take another picture of a sign in sent to me along with their own individual unique theory. However, it was not until months later that someone sat down and did some exhaustive research to find out exactly where the stickers come from. As it turns out, which was a surprise to all of us, they were a promotional tool for a rock-and-roll band.

So thanks to our readers we have discovered the origins behind the hula hoop stickers on pedestrian crossing signs. Apparently they are promotional item passed out by a band that calls itself the “string cheese incident”. Still it is unclear where they come from, who places them over signs in what the band is trying to convey. Is this strictly for promotion? Or does the band have a sense of humor?

While the band’s intentions may be unclear, the hula hoop pedestrian crossing sign has captured the attention of a nation, both intriguing and changing it forever. It is through the generous help and support up my web site readers that I’m able to conclude that these stickers that have been placed on pedestrian crossing signs are no longer mysterious, but the work and creativity of a rock-and-roll band that for one reason or another has decided to promote themselves by distributing said stickers to their fans during rock concerts.

I’m sure many of you out there have your own unique theories and ideas surrounding this new phenomenon. While I’m open to hearing your own unique theories and ideas over the stickers come from, who puts them there, and what they mean, the truth is that they are actually are promotional tool and nothing more. Of course, I am willing and eager to post your own individual photographs of these signs, I will refrain from posting ideas and theories to the web site. It is not that I object to your ideas and theories and opinions but rather I wish to make my web site the flagship web site of the Internet as best I can and in such a way, provide information to people who are curious about the meaning of hula hoop pedestrian crossing signs.

I also look forward to seeing these stickers on various signs and in various locations as I think they are humorous. I also would like to know where I can buy them online, specifically the clear decal type that fits over standard pedestrian crossing signs. Although I’ve never heard the music that is played by the string cheese incident, I think the hula hoop pedestrian crossing sign is very funny and I also think it’s original.

I wish to thank all of you who frequent web site on a regular basis and help to research many of the topics I have posted. As many of you know, the web site is not created solely by one person. It takes all kinds of people to create a successful and interesting and perhaps even informative web site.

As time goes on, I’m sure they’ll be other mysteries and urban legends I’ll post the web site along with my own theories and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you, my web site readers and learning about your thoughts ideas and opinions and theories of the ideas are present to you on the web site.

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