Humble Pelican

December 2019

21 thoughts on “Humble Pelican

  1. I love this creature so much especially their stunt flying and fishing skills. Lovely output, shows you where very close

  2. So humble in deed, just doesn’t play with hunting for fish(food) in water. I can even see drop of water on its mouth, meaning just came out of water. Lovely caption Toms

  3. You you got a bird to pose this way is very good. AS if he or she is waiting for something or someone???These birds fly as well if I am not mistaken.

  4. The pelican is actually a humble and may i add an honourable bird, it’s method of fishing for it’s meal is very skilfull. I love the snap shot, close to the water that’s it’s place.

  5. Have never seen this creature before. This picture is superb for the fact that you made the shot from the right angle.

  6. To catch a pelican’s calm and almost thoughtful mood in this picture is quite a stunning feat in itself. You truly have a gift for wild animal (in this case a huge bird) photography.

  7. We should protect our seas to prevent these lovely creatures from going extinct. Man’s actions are very detrimental to the environment.

  8. Wow, this picture is perfect. I love the topic, shadows, color… I wonder how did you get so close to the pelican.

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