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October 2020

25 responses to “Hyperbole”

  1. This is a very different hyperbole one that I am not use to. One this aint some outrageous statement but rather a great photo. To be honest I did not know that hyperbole could also mean this??? Learning something new each day I guess.

  2. Lovely one, looks like an art work. The little boy standing at the door looks like wandering around. Great output

  3. What’s a hyperbole? Someone please remind me what it means. Otherwise, the art work looks huge and unrealistic, therefore meaning that it is an excfellent work piece.

    • An exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally, this is a deep concept. Bricks flying like birds.

  4. You gave a great work here Tom. I like the artwork it looks nice, hyperbole, I think this is a figure of speech

  5. Is that a mural? Wow, it looks very impressive… my first thought was that it was an artistic painting.

  6. It is a very appreciated photo and with a lot of context, the artist who painted that wall must feel quite proud.

  7. Cool! Love the butterflies and the clear passage way. Mystic feel to this shot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I agree with the title to this post. It is really hyperbole to the core. Thanks for sharing.

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