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I Am Mine

January 2019


21 responses to “I Am Mine”

  1. This house has got some silent bravado. I feel like nothing could shatter its confidence based on this artistic portrayal.

  2. The house sure has a certain spunk in it. Although if it could talk I would say ” Easy on the bravado kid” For one you still lack experience. A house such as yourself only becomes one if there are people living in. As of now you still are a long way from that. Put that spunk to good use will you???

  3. I think this is a house in a mining community. I think this place housed employees of the mine. The house looks comfortable and cozy at its prime.

  4. Could this be a mining house, it looks like one albeit a very old one. How do you get all these photo anyway. they bring back memories

  5. Perhaps it was a very nice house and in perfect condition, but the climatic conditions and the carelessness made the house become like this.

  6. I used to pass a building similar to this everyday on my way to school. The photo brings back so many old memories.

  7. I wish I could travel as much as you do Tom. That way I’d also see all the crazy things you see and document.

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