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I Am Not Your Rolling Wheel


January 2016

24 responses to “I Am Not Your Rolling Wheel”

  1. Ahhh, the tire really looks like a wheel, until I had a closer look. Nice concept, really shows you had to improvise somehow

  2. Creepy but looks great. I really hope the wheel was properly used and it made the work of the man easier.

  3. The tyre appears as if its a wheel. If you give a closer look to it, it gives you an impression of a great concept.

  4. Wheel without any engine ro support, I’m sure it wont move without human effort. Looks scary but I love the concept.

  5. I like they way how the vegetation looks trough the wheel, if I had to define it on one word I’d say Ionliness..

  6. I really love the rustic vibes this is giving me. Also the message of this picture indicates that we are not gonna be ruled by someone.

  7. Love the coloring and the imagery. You always manage to bring life and excitement even to something as mundane as a wheel.

  8. Well true enough not anymore since there is no more machines to support it. I do not know if it is still in good shape but if not. Use it as a swing. At least it can still be of use despite of its age.

  9. Love the output, the blurry effect looks so perfect. Definitely not a rolling wheel but a steady wheel.

  10. I’m not quite sure if what the tire is for in this photo. It is usually for decoration but it’s not put like this.

  11. Hahahahaha, the tire and the house disagreed working together. Thanks for this meaningful picture.

  12. There are several white patterns on this tire and I don’t understand the meaning of this picture. Maybe someone can explain it here .. 🙂

  13. If the wheel could talk I bet that’s what it would say. “I am not your rolling wheel.”

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