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I Am The Eye In The Sky

February 2017

29 responses to “I Am The Eye In The Sky”

  1. Looks like the storm is coming. The image also looks like an eye. I love black and white effect, always perfect.

    • The sun still remain the eye in the sky. It’s a unique work Thomas, thanks for this piece

  2. Well, it should be about being careful around here because it could be dangerous. The photo looks great

  3. A nice capture of the light is amazing. Its like the light in the middle of a typhoon.

  4. Wow, I love the effect of the cloud in the sky. It looks like a storm is coming up. Lovely shot of nature.

  5. I like all kinds of lightning rffect, there always look amazing. This photo looks natural.

  6. The sun is greater. We only take it less at night when the wires are busy emulating the sun.

  7. Amazing shot as always. The black and white just gives it a more dramatic feel. Is it the sun? It’s the eye in the sky that sees everything we do.

  8. Amazing shot Tom! As always. I really love the B&W effect you have there. Great job

  9. The sun still remain the eye in the sky. It’s a unique work Thomas, thanks for this piece

  10. It looks like there is a typhoon coming. Everyone should be prepared for it.

  11. This photograph gives us to understand that the eye in the sky symbolizes the presence of God, who sees everything with his luminous presence.

  12. Very beautiful picture, it looks like a modern vertion of landsacape pictures.

  13. Love the caption and love the regal light of the clouds. There’s a supernatural feel to this photo as if we are being reached out through the biblical mist. Thanks for the awesome pic.

  14. The electric pole forms an amazing silhouette. You captured this shot just at the right time.

  15. The title is very apt and fitting. That does indeed look like an eye in the sky haha.

  16. The dark sky provides a great backdrop for the shot. I also like how the clouds are covering the sun.

  17. I can’t tell if the shot was done at dusk or dawn. Such is the beauty of artistic photography.

  18. I have said it before and I will say it again. You really do have an eye for the best shots. Quite the talent you got Tom!

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